Hi I’m Nicky, writer and creator of Buzzy Bee a wedding blog for people who want to be individual and enjoy both the run up and the Big Day!

I have a passion for weddings with individual style, I love seeing weddings which reflect the personality of the bride and groom and  their lives together. I love seeing weddings where the couple really know themselves and what they want and the whole day is full of personality as it makes it so exciting and personal. I feel that the wedding day should tell the story of your lives together and be all about you.

I hope that planning your wedding is as stress free as possible and is more enjoying the planning than worrying about it. I will do some blogs about fun ways of getting inspiration and exploring the endless wedding ideas and possibilities. I know that brides are all Buzzy Bees with lots to do so I will aim to show you how to save time and still get everything done!

I also love making things so a lot of the bits which attract me tend to be home made, I will aim to give you information on making items with different difficulty levels to give some personality to your big day.

Most of all I think that weddings should be great fun!

I hope you enjoy my wedding blog and please do get in touch.



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