Wedding Entertainment with a Twist and Turn

As you have probably guessed I like things which are a bit different and so this blog is about a very special wedding entertainment idea. I’ve always loved fireworks and always dreamt of having them specially for me on my big day.

Recently however this has been challenge by another idea, a wedding air display. With a lot of aviation history in my family this would be perfect! Can you imagine having one or more airplanes doing a private display especially for you on your big day?!


I was really excited about the idea and have spoken to stunt flyer Mark Jefferies ( who has specialist wedding and event displays. Here he is in action at the wedding of Sam and Andy, what a brilliant photo opportunity!

Wedding air entertainment Mark Jefferies Wedding Air Display Wedding aerobatics

I can just imagine the looks on the guests faces when a stunt plane is performing and the younger guests would love it!

Wedding areobattics Wedding heart from the air

I would ask if the stunt flyer could film the display like this photo and you would get some unique areal shots of the wedding too! This is completely different to the traditional entertainment and will definitely be a talking point for years to come!

This is a quote from a couple who had Mark at their wedding:

“Thank you for your display yesterday, perfection, your were the talk of everyone all evening, people said they had never seen anything like that at a wedding before! It was hard to drag everyone out of the bar but I promised them it would be worth while and you did not disappoint.”

Mark has done surprise displays where the guests and often either the bride or groom have no idea what’s going to happen, they have been lured outside “for photos” only to see the airplane swooping in for the display! This would be a fabulous treat and what a surprise for everyone there!

Wedding fly past  Wedding aerobatics Stuart and Faye

flying-high  JOPETER-1-300x200

Thanks for reading my post on wedding entertainment with twists and turns I hope you find the idea as exciting as I do, what a rush to have your own aerobatic display! I would also like to thank Mark Jefferies for allowing me to use his photos and feature him.

Nicky XxX

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kisses wedding air display



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