White Wedding: Jennie and Travis

Some of my best friends live in Texas USA and it was their wedding which really inspired me to the love of all things wedding! I wanted to share their incredible Big Day with you and our experience of being there!

The bride and groom Jennie and Travis

Jennie the bride Travis - the groom

A wonderful 10 year love story which started in school, Jennie and Travis had years of their life together which they brought beautifully to their big day. On the presents and guest book tables there were beautiful photos of the couple through the years including their engagement album and a digital photo frame which constantly showed past holidays, times with friends and family.

 Wedding giftsCouples table at wedding

The ceremony was a bit different to what I’ve seen in the UK with great emphasis on family which I loved. There was 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen which made the photo op at the front of the church stunning! 

In the church

One of the reasons I loved this wedding was because of how much they made the whole day about them, what they liked and who they are. They had lovely touches to the reception including a fully choreographed dance which took everyone by surprise, photos decorating the venue, chocolate covered strawberries and of course their two (yes 2) wedding cakes – one for the bride and one for the groom. The brides cake reflected the theme of the wedding and the grooms cake was an airplane which the name of the groom iced on the side! 

The brides cake The grooms cakes

It was all the little details which made this wedding unique and made it the perfect day for them too! 

Bride and Groom


Thanks for reading, please leave me a comment and tell me about your wedding experiences!

Nicky XxX


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